Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Next plane home...

It's really hard to say this as I'm going home nex month.... I wish I hav more time to spend with my frens here. Feeling sad as i think 'bout it... Gonna miz my bezfrens here~RoFiA, KaPtEn HiShAm & ol my tutorial frens... Gonna miz them so much!!! Lov them ol... There's a lot of swit memmories i got here... Gonna remember al those. Hope we'll meet again someday... Even I'm feeling sad of leaving my frens here, I'm still feeling happy as I'm heading home on 19th April. Yeah!!! I really miz my fam... Laz but not leaz... Never look back!!! Seize ur day, aiyue! Muax!

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